A one-man company, specializing in books with aviation humour and cartoons.

It was initially called MotUnLtd but then named Martin Leeuwis Import-Export and was founded in 1975. It has been based in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Goudriaan and Baarn before finally moving to Vlijmen in 1996.

After trading in all kinds of aviation stuff, but mainly American books with aviation humor, we started in 1982 with our own book, together with cartoonist Ton van Andel. This first book was followed by 8 more, until now. All books are highly successful and have had many reprints. They are available via specialist bookshops, our distributors in many countries and directly from us.

Since 1998 we have been active on the Internet. First with “leeuwispubli.nl” but later also with the “aviation-humor.com” website. After a while these 2 websites were combined and later we also acquired the “humor.aero” URL. All 3 now connect to the same website that is slowly expanding, with about 100 pages at this moment. We are providing a lot of the humor we have collected over the years, and give information about our books.

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