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About Martin Leeuwis Publication:

As a publisher, specializing in aviation humour, we would like to provide you with some additional information. This is a one-man operation, without a large company behind it, and it is just a hobby, next to commercial line flying for a major airline. But at this moment we are probably the world’s only dedicated publisher of aviation humor and we have published 25 different, highly successful, books. All books are paperbacks with cartoons by Dutch artist Ton van Andel. The first 4 books have 144 large pages, later a smaller size was used (but with more pages). The language is English although later some books in Dutch were published. And more books with aviation humor are in preparation!


We started in 1982 with “Say again“. The star in this book is the General Dynamics F16 that is being looked at from all directions. Many cartoons, and the short texts, have Air Force subjects as both van Andel and myself were then employed by the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The book gets many very positive reviews in aviation magazines around the world and becomes a success. Tens of thousands of copies have been sold and at this moment the 9th printing is  sold out


When our second book was published, it was called “Say no more“. As we both had left the Air Force, now a bit more attention for civil aviation (in this book a 50/50 mix between military and civil) and with the same setup the results were identical to the first book: good reviews and good sales. The 3rd, revised, printing is sold out.


The year 1993 started with “Say when“. In this book we try to look at aviation history at our slightly disturbed way. Also some cosmetic changes as it was produced electronically. It was greeted enthusiastically and the second printing had to be produced after only 10 months (!). Civil aviation subjects are slowly outgrowing the military humor now. At this moment the 3rd printing is sold out.


And the publication speed is increasing with “Say how” at the end of 1995. Even more sophistication in the art of electronic layout and most of the humor is related to civil aviation. This book has the looks of a winner! The second printing is now sold out.


Now a book with a slightly different setup. The pages are smaller (A5) but with 160 pages. More text and a lot of the cartoons in this book are from the first 4 books. But “Say coffee or tea” is aimed at a different group of aviators: the cabin crew. The second edition, with some small editorial changes, is available from February 2006


At the end of 2003 the 6th book appears. Now again the well-tried general setup with humor about military and civil aviation, also many anecdotes about various subjects. The size remains A5 with also 160 pages. It’s called “Say heading“.


A special publication during the last weeks of 2004. A compilation of cartoons and humor from all 6 previous books in a 160 pages book published especially for all KLM pilots. It was a gift from their chief pilot and is now available for the world as well. An excellent book with a very good cross-section of “Say …” humor. The title: “SkyTeam“.


Although “Say again” was first published in 1982, we started working together in 1981. So to celebrate our working together for 25 years we published in 2006 a book that contains the full versions of both “Say again” and “Say no more” in one cover, and for the normal price! Two books for the price of one. The content of both books has been updated and digitalised and it is 200 pages thick in A5 size. We expect very positive reactions about this publication called “Say again and no more“.


Our publishing speed is increasing, and in April 2007 the next book, the 7th in the series (but if you count Say again+no more and SkyTeam as well, the 9th !!). It is called “Say something” and it’s again 160 pages with all kinds of humour and cartoons.


And now a very special book, 20 cartoonists from around the world contribute cartoons, and the result is “Good Landing” Again 160 pages A5 size, but now for 40% in full colour. Excellent cartoons, and no texts just cartoons, from Australia, Belgium, France, Switzerland, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands


  • The year started with a special project for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. A book is presented to each applicant for a job and the book is called “Welkom bij de Luchtmacht“. It contains cartoons by Ton van Andel, many never published before, and it’s in Dutch. The book cannot be bought…
  • For Wende Huizer we managed her special project “Wijntje, stewardess in opleiding“. A very limited edition, in Dutch, and the book has only 36 pages in full colour. Sold out in 4 weeks.
  • After “Good Landing” several other cartoonists wanted to participate as well and the next book was completed rapidly. Now 21 cartoonists from all corners of the world in “Going up, Sir


  • Aviation humour remains available so we can fill another book with cartoons by Ton van Andel together with some anecdotes. “Say chocks away” is the 8th book in “Say…” series of books starting in 1982…
  • Together with General Steve Netto hundreds of anecdotes by Dutch Air Force pilots have been collected. In this publication 165 of the best stories with lots of photographs. It is a thick, full colour and big book called “Jachtvliegers in de Koude Oorlog”. In Dutch and an enormous success as 2nd edition is printed after 2 months.


  • More cartoonists from all corners of the world want to participate in a book and after only a few months of collecting material I receive almost 1500 cartoons. In “Please wait to be seated” you will find the best 350 from 30 aviation cartoonists.
  • Books “Say when “Say When and How“. And a nice new bookcover.
  • Since 1977 Ton van Andel has been drawing the Flight Safety Calender for the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The 2012 calender is the 36th in a series ! In the book “Veilig Gevlogen” we publish all cartoons from 1977 until 2011 in a thick 250 pages book with over 450 cartoons. The book is in Dutch.


  • And something entirely different: “Aviation Humor” is a collection of many hundreds aviation jokes and one-liners. Collected by Ziva Bergman and 148 pages with text only, no cartoons. A nice book with all those familiar jokes.
  • Cartoons by Australian artist Gary Clark can be found in some other books. But in “I want to fly” the adventures of Ding Duck and other wildlife in the Swamp are published in a nice 160 pages book in full colour. Popular around the world!
  • Together with Jan Algera a large amount of short humourous aviation stories were collected. In book “Nog één verhaaltje dan…” you will find 195 of them, in Dutch.


  • An English translation by Bert Ruitenberg of “Nog één verhaaltje dan…” was published in early 2013. The same 195 short stories are now called “OK, one more yarn“.
  • Many Dutch aviation enthousiasts did send a lot of additional stories. In “Meer verhaaltjes?” you can find 207 short and funny stories, in Dutch.

For both Ton and me, it is just a hobby and we have to spend time on other things as well. But it looks like the amount of humour is only getting bigger. And although we ‘say again’ things every now and then, we keep finding new aviation humour all the time. So perhaps a new book remains possible.