Unfortunately shipping costs continue to rise and are sometimes almost as high as the value of the shipped books. In addition Dutch Post has created a tariff that is the same for all shipments to all countries between 350gr and 2kg which makes a single book shipment quite expensive. The good news is that it is priority mail, so you will receive the book(s) quite rapidly.

Our present rates:

Netherlands: only 2 Euros per book, a form of subsidy as real shipping costs are around 5 Euros

Rest of the world: flat rate of 10 Euros for shipping 1 or 2 or 3 books. And free shipping for 4 or more books.

Foreign distributors: 

As shipping costs continue to rise we are in some cases using foreign post to ship more economically, but in addition we wil provide information about foreign shops that sell our books as well. Often their local shipping costs are much lower! Unfortunately they will have often low inventories and will not have all books in stock…

United Kingdom – Pooleys

USA – Aviator WebShop

Germany – Siebert LuftFahrt

Austria – ChickenWings Europe

France – La boutique du Pilote

Belgium – The Flying Twins

United Kingdom –  Transair