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Ton van Andel

Say again + no more Say when + how Say How Say coffee or tea Say heading Say something Say chocks away SkyTeam Veilig gevlogen

Bob Stevens

There I was More there I was If you read me, rock the tower

Gary Clark

I want to fly Full power Ding Duck

Ed Stapleton

Hard Fly

Jan Algera

Nog één verhaaltje dan Meer verhaaltjes? Ok, on more yarn

Steve Netto

Jachtvliegers in de Koude oorlog

Gert Overhoff

Check six

Chris Manno

Flight crew like you Mach Speed Tumbleweed

Sherman Morgan

The aviation humor of 1987 Classic aviation humor 3

Roger Brunel

Ciel, mon avion

20+ aviation artists

Good Landing Going up, sir Please wait to be seated

Rudi Roedig

Pilot’s dont just fall from heaven Piloten gibt’s wie Sand am Meer

Ziva Bergman

Aviation Humor

Wende Huizer

Wijntje, stewardess in opleiding


Alaskan Chronicles 1 Alaskan Chronicles 2 Alaskan Chronicles 3

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Say … Trailer I want to fly Trailer Jachtvliegers Trailer Please wait to be seated Trailer Meer verhaaltjes Trailer OK one more yarn