Check your six – CW6


Chicken Wings 6 – Check your Six

Michael and Stefan Strasser, A4, 80 pages, ISBN 978-1-5323-6929-2

Against all odds, Roost Air is still in business. ­Julio deserves a medal for sticking around this long. Chuck acquires a hangar to move his Corsair ­project along but might get a little sidetracked. Jason is still ­struggling to pass his pilot’s exam which is no surprise when you look at his ­instructor. Hans tries new management strategies and the hangar gets painted. In the end, Chuck makes a flawless landing . . . or does he?

About the Authors:

Michael Strasser is an experienced helicopter pilot and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. After gathering many years of varied experience in aviation as a commercial pilot, aircraft mechanic, and flight instructor, Mike is now mainly fighting forest fires flying CH-47 Chinook helicopters You can probably guess where the bulk of ideas for “Chicken Wings” comes from.

Stefan Strasser lives and works near Vienna, Austria as an accomplished cartoon artist and independent illustrator. He actually has what one could call a “decent education” (a Master’s Degree in International Trade), but decided to become a freelance artist, instead of finding a real job. “Chicken Wings” is his most important project, but you can find his work in many other magazines, books, and newsletters all around the world.